Essential Drug Notes 2e


Essential Drug Notes: A little Pocket Companion 2e


This note book is a purpose built resource to help you organise and retain your own drug research.


In this book.

  • Alphabetised pages to organise & record your drug research
  • Sectioned to extract the most important info on each drug you research.
  • 49 drug mechanisms.
  • Over 900 abbreviations.
  • Antidote list
  • Two quick reference index pages organised by drug class and acronym.

Dimensions: 74mm X 105mm (A7 Size)


Essential Drug Notes – 2e

So… your Facilitator has asked you to look up a drug and tell them all the important things about it.   Don’t write it on a random piece of paper.   Enter it into your own alphabetised notebook which guides you which important drug content is needed.
Every time you look up a drug, you can now gather your research into one place for easy review next time!.
Please note, This is the companion to the Essential Aussie Drugs Pocket book.   This notebook helps you to collate your own drug research.   However, it does have the mechanism of action of 49 drug classes in the back, and hundreds of medical abbreviations and acronyms explained.
If you’re looking for the Essential Aussie Drugs pocket book it is available here

Safety and drug competence.

Remember, this resource is not designed to take the place of a MIMS or Drug advice resources provided by your institution.

This book is an aide memoir to improve your drug knowledge and safety.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 105 × 74 × 17 cm