Essential Aussie Drugs – Clinical kit – 2 books & 7 Ref Card pack


Jam packed clinical kit containing…

  • Essential Aussie Drugs (2nd ed.) plus
  • Essential Drug Notes (2nd ed.) plus
  • 7 card Clinical Reference Cards set. 
Great Value! 
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This kit contains:

Essential Aussie Drugs: A little pocket book of common Aussie drug facts. (Pocket – A7)  

  • Nearly 3400 drug names organised alphabetically
  • Trade & Generic names, Drug class, and Indication for almost any drug you will administer
  • Definitions of >900 medical abbreviations
  • Review of commonly used drug suffices
  • A brief summary of the Mechanism of Action for 49 common drug classes


Essential Drug Notes: A little Pocket Companion 2e

  • Specially designed note book so that you can record your drug research from books like MIMs.
  • Guided sections to help you understand what information you need to collect.
  • The whole back section contains the excellent information such as the
    • Mechanisms of action for 49 common drug classes
    • >900 medical definitions


Clinical Reference Cards (7 card set) + clip … for nurses & paramedics

Cards pack includes

  • Assessment: Primary / Secondary survey
  • Assessment: Acute deterioration / Causes of deterioration
  • Handover: SHARED / ISBAR
  • Medications: Drug calculations / Quick drip rates
  • Medications: Drug rights / IV solutions
  • Cardiac: ECG rate ruler / Important rhythms
  • Cardiac: ECG lead combinations / Bundle branch blocks


  • A set of 7 (double sided) reference cards – 14 sides
  • Full gloss card – easy to clean
  • A novel range of important clinical content for health care students & professionals.

Dimensions: 65 x 100 mm – ID card size

With these 2 books & the clinical reference cards, you’re on your way to a terrific clinical placement!



Additional information

Dimensions 7.6 × 10.5 × 6 cm
Colour of clip

Purple, Dark red, Light red, Black, Blue


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