Biology Bootcamp (High School – Senior biology)



  • Duration:
    3 hours per day for 5 days  – 9am – 12md (M-F)
    Available workshop – 11th January, 2021.


  • Location:
    7 / 20 Paisley Drive, Lawnton, Qld, 4501


  • Prerequisites:
    No – Just eagerness to have fun & learn stuff!


  • Skill Level: beginner


  • Course Capacity: 6
    • Keep it small
    • COVID safe
    • Better learning environment


  • Certificate: Yes


  • Discount?:
    • Yes – 50% off this Workshop! (With coupon code Intro-50%_off)


This workshop is specifically tailored to Senior Biology (Grade 11 & 12).

It is designed to prepare students for a smoother transition to the 4 units of the National Biology General Senior Syllabus as reported by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

​By the end of the week, you’ll be more prepared for Senior Biology.  You’ll be able to start to develop a tool kit of skills to help you succeed, and some fundamental introduction to biology knowledge necessary to understand Senior Biology.

This introductory course, is taught by an Academic with more than 20 years experience teaching biology to students studying human health course such as nursing, paramedicine, midwifery, physio, speech path, occupational therapy…..


Workshop dates available:

  • 11th – 15th January, 2021


​Who should come to this Biol Bootcamp?

  • ​Any high school student wanting a head start for senior biology


What will I learn at Biol Bootcamp?


    • Surviving Science
    • What, where, when?
    • What Senior Biology entails
    • “Don’t get it?!” – The language

Human biology – Necessary Basics

    • Cells – and some really important bits inside that make them work
    • Multicellular organisms – aka things of many cells
    • Homeostasis – Let’s get balanced
    • Infectious disease Nasty little things
    • Biodiversity – Cool to be different
    • Ecosystems – How things fit together
    • DNA… And all that jazz
    • Continuity of life on Earth  – Things may come & things may go

​How is this Biol Bootcamp different?

  • ​We use activities, games and fun techniques to understand the content.
  • It’s not all about memorising facts!  It’s about understanding….  Then memory follows without effort.


In 15 hours (5 days X 3 hours/day – for 1 week) you’ll be so much more prepared than you thought you could ever be!


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